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The Youth
Media Center

The Youth Media Center aims to instill its  students with the skills that they will be able to apply video production techniques to plan, research, create, produce, and publish a video. Once the students complete this program, they will have acquired the following knowledge and skills:

Safety Procedures: Students will demonstrate the proper use of safety procedures while using digital video equipment.

Terminology:  Students will use terminology correctly in relation to video technology.

Ethics: Students will show proper ethics in the use of digital video photography equipment to capture video images.

Video Transfer: Students will be able to transfer video images from equipment to the computer.

Videographic Techniques: Students will apply videographic enhancement and editing techniques such as panning, transitioning, zooming, content editing, and synchronizing audio and video using appropriate digital manipulation software.

File Export: Students will export video files in digital formats for use in various delivery systems such as podcasts, downloadable media, social media, and streaming video.


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