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W.O.W Process

Women, have you struggled with being empowered to balance home, marriage, parenting, education, career, finances, and your self-worth? WOW has the answer for you!

The W.O.W. Process is to empower the mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends,
sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, & friends. Upon the completion of this Project
each woman will embrace their individual uniqueness. And they will be empowered to appreciate themselves for who they are presently & who they will become in the future.

Come out, sit down, and talk with other women who are struggling with similar issues. Lasting seven weeks, join WOW and experience the inspiration that comes from a gathering a women and a good lunch. 

RSVP to Lucinda Wright at

Sponsored by Townsend Community Center, The Women's Fund and Ivy Tech Community College.

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