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Our Programs and Services

For the Community, By the Community

The Townsend Community Center, Inc. offers a comprehensive array of services and programs focused on after-school safety, academic achievement, and family dynamics (self-sufficiency). Our mission is to support not only children but also their families and individuals who seek our services. We believe that assisting the entire family unit is essential to effectively helping our children, and we are committed to this holistic approach.

Our services and programs are tailored to address the specific needs identified within our community, particularly focusing on underserved populations. Most of our offerings are available year-round, while our sports activities follow a seasonal schedule and may require an additional fee.

In addition to our structured services, TCC, Inc. members can engage in a variety of less structured activities. Our Game Room features ping pong tables, pool tables, bumper pool tables, board games, card games, dominoes, Legos, and other games, as well as a social area. We also provide an outdoor playground equipped with age-appropriate equipment, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all ages.



Family Oriented

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