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Referral Center

Participants in the "Parenting 21st Century Children" program are encouraged to utilize various community resources to ensure they can access the necessary services to support their families. These resources include:

Local Parenting Support Groups
Provides a community of parents who share experiences, offer support, and discuss effective parenting strategies.

Family Counseling Services
Offers professional counseling to help families navigate challenges, improve communication, and strengthen relationships.

Childcare Services
Includes information on local daycare centers, after-school programs, and babysitting services to help parents manage their work-life balance.

Educational Workshops and Seminars
Provides opportunities for parents to learn about child development, discipline techniques, and other relevant topics from experts in the field.

Healthcare Services
Refers families to pediatricians, mental health professionals, and other healthcare providers to ensure the physical and mental well-being of their children.

Community Centers
Offers various programs and activities for children and families, including recreational activities, tutoring, and family events.

Social Services
Assists families in accessing resources such as food assistance programs, housing support, and financial aid.

Legal Aid Services
Provides guidance and support for families dealing with legal issues related to family matters, custody, and child welfare.

By leveraging these community resources, families can receive comprehensive support to address their needs and enhance their overall well-being.

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