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While researching the history of Townsend Community Center, Inc., for a post-graduate degree in 2021, a member of our Board of Directors discovered there is no documented history of our organization.  This illustrious organization reached a milestone celebrating 100 years of service in 2021!!! While overcoming many obstacles in the form of systemic racism, jim crow, ineffective boards, a pandemic, no longer a building-based agency, & lack of funding.  However, the resiliency of this agency by approaching systemic racism head on, challenging the jim crow, a new board of directors, adopted  a logo, marketing strategy, more creativity, a program-based agency, & fundraising.  We, the Townsend Community Center, Inc. Board of Directors, felt it is our civic duty to document & preserve the narrative of Townsend Community Center, Inc.   True history is necessary for growth.  

Please enjoy this documentary of Townsend Community Center, Inc. 

                        CELEBRATING 102 YEARS of SERVICE

We are proud to announce Townsend Community Center, Inc. is celebrating 102 years of service in the Richmond/Wayne County community! Come out to celebrate with us during our Annual Awards & Honors Banquet!



📍TIME: 6:00


We will honor individuals &/or organizations who have worked hard in the past & present to ensure a legacy of a united community for future generations to come.  Come out to celebrate awesome people and Enjoy fantastic food! Tickets are on sale now, please Call 765.488.2042 to get your tickets!



Welcome to Townsend Community Center, Inc!  We are thrilled that you have made the decision to become an active participant, partner or just visiting our website  to  review the services that we offer. Our commitment to you is that we will work very hard to give you and your family a wholesome and rewarding experience and to provide programs and services that will enrich the Body, Mind, Spirit and our Community.  Finally, we promise to be guided by our mission statement and core values in everything we say and do.


No matter what your station in life may be, Townsend Community Center is here to serve you. When any part of a community is broken, the whole community is broken. When that one part of the community is strengthened, the renewal of the whole begins. In order to assist our children, we must assist the entire family. We understand each person is unique and create specific approaches to each situation brought to our organization



​To provide the community with recreational, social and wellness activities for all age groups. To strengthen community through programs and services which enhance personal development, promote healthy lifestyles, encourage community involvement, collaboration, and foster environmental stewardship.

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Townsend Community Center continues to stay up to date on the most current COVID-19 guidelines from the Indiana Department of Health, Wayne County Health Department, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization. As we prepare for the launch of our Summer initiatives we have and are taking the necessary precautions to protect our students, staff and participants in all our programs while continuing to serve the needs of our community. We are currently in the process of deploying strategies that will work best in our community and for the participants in our programs in response to the ever-changing situation.

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